What are your ice fishing shacks made from?

They are made with steels frames, and a combination of wood, polyurethane foam, and polyurethane fast set, fire retardant coating.

How much do the shacks weigh?

Depending upon size and accessories options, our shacks weigh between 1200lbs and 1600lbs.

What is the square footage?

Our most popular size is 8x10 (80sqft), however our shacks are a custom build, so the size is up to the customer!

What is required to haul the shacks?

Our ice fishing shacks can be hauled on any trailer that has the capacity to fit the size, which can be as small as a utility trailer. We designed our shacks in such a way that they can easily be towed with a sled or quad, making it stress-free to set on and off the ice.

What is the cost for the shacks?

This depends on size and the quantity of accessories you want! Email us for a quote!

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