Our Inspiration


There is a sign at the end of our driveway that says “Casa De Los Sawatsky’s bienuenido a la felicidad y cambio”, it means “Welcome to the Sawatsky’s a house of happiness and change”.

After the passing of Calvin’s son, Carson, Calvin knew his life would change forever. His mission was to create. His sons inspired him to continue to create and to be happy and make others happy. He wanted a life that would not only bring him peace and happiness, but would bring joy and good times to others. Thus, Real Fake Creations was born.

Our Vision

To create unique, one of a kind designs for clients. Designs to enjoy and share with family and friends

Our Logo

Real Fake Creations Logo

Our logo is represented with triangles as a reminder to the memory of Carson, who had a huge impact on the family business. They are also meant to honor him as we move forward.

How we Started

We bring your imagination to life!

Fifteen years ago Calvin created a dog house. His imagination and passion was something he shared with his sons, Austin & Carson. As the years went on their creativity extended beyond doghouses to things like tree sheds, bunkhouses and fishing shacks. These aren’t ordinary structures, but whimsical in nature attracting attention and acclaim

Our History

Real Fake Creations, a division of Canadian Spray Foam Solutions, was inspired by my twin boys, Austin and Carson. At only ten years old, Austin and Carson displayed incredible vision for the spray foaming business. Their ideas and inventiveness empowered me to create designs that was far beyond what your typical use for spray foaming. Austin and Carson would eagerly wake up in the morning and bound out to the shop to see how the latest vision unfolded, never holding back their comments and suggestions on how to make the design even better.

When the boys finished school they joined the company full time, which allowed our creative minds to really flourish. The ideas became bolder, greater, and more unique! Together we designed our first Tree House out of spray foam; we were all so excited to see how the design would unfold.

Our creativity, ambitions and teamwork ended abruptly when the unfathomable happened. On May 27, 2018, we lost Carson to a car accident at the age of 20. Our hearts were shattered; a loss that crippled our souls, robbing us of the joy and vision needed to create. The next year proved to be incredibly challenging; Austin ventured into a different line of work, projects were put on hold, and life was no longer how we envisioned it to be.

Through the storm, I eventually mustered the strength to continue what my boys and I had started, and I began creating again. My strength was fueled by my sons. One design after another restored my confidence, and my inspirations soared. Each new project was better than the next, and without realizing it, I had created some phenomenal concepts! My greatest pleasure though is when Austin walks into the shop, inspecting the latest design, smiling as he proceeds to give his feedback and ideas. Life is good.

Without the excitement and ambitions of my children, I would have never started Real Fake Creations. Their encouragement to follow my heart, to dream big and to do what I love has allowed me to create extraordinary designs for other people to love.

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