meet the team

Calvin Sawatsky
El Presidente

Calvin Sawatsky

The creator of Real Fake Creations. He is the artist and designer of your one of a kind designs. If you know artists they are all about creating not manufacturing.

Yard & shop maintenance crew

David Prodaehl

David and his dog George. We originally hired George to care for the lawn and he brought David with him so we kept them both, we don’t know who’s in charge of who. David is a ball of laughs …’til he’s not! Loves sugar and always adds his two cents to each project. His work is greatly appreciated!


Laurie Villeneuve

Laurie is a wonderful addition to the staff as she ADDS lol BALANCE LOL to the mix. Welcome to our staff.

Calvin Sawatsky
Office Clerk Chief Herdsman


Shop overseer and first aid attendant